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Update - August 2012

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Note that we have upgraded the Batteries and the Inverter, see above.

Had a new radiator fitted in the upstairs show room and coupled with the design faults being fixed (by us, not the supplier) the house is now cosy and is how it should have been 2 years ago when we moved in.

Anyway for those interested in what our Power Supply consists of, as we totally off grid, here is the list of kit.

Sunny Island 3324 Inverter
MorningStar MPPT 60 Charge Controller (for Turbine Input to Batteries)
Battery Bank - 8 off ROLLS Batteries - S-530’s
Futureenergy 1kw Wind Turbine
SDMO 9kVa Diesel Generator

Sunny Boy 1700 PV Inverter
8 off  x 180Wp Shueco PV Panels
2 off Grant Solar Thermal Panels
Biotech 9kW Pellet Boiler